September 2019

Benefits of women in the workplace

Search online and you will find scores of results making generalisations regarding the perceived difference in traits and approaches between women and men. Words such as ‘empathy’, ‘intuition’ and ‘optimism’ have been peddled out.

November 2018

The impact of longer working lives

The UK’s population is getting older – a fact that is affecting everything from employment policies and pension schemes to the ability of workers around the world to keep pace with innovation and structural changes.

November 2018

STEM Scholars from India meet UK PM Theresa May

Prime Minister, Rt Hon Theresa May MP United Kingdom, met with British Council’s 70th Anniversary Women STEM scholars, demonstrating United Kingdom’s commitment to attracting the brightest Indian students to United Kingdom’s top universities.

August 2018

Talent acquisition in the evolving world of work

Technology has revolutionised the workplace, changing the way businesses operate and creating space for brand new roles. But bringing in the right talent remains a challenge for many as needs evolve alongside tech developments.

May 2018

APEX 2018 Leadership Symposium

Cavendish Group are proud to sponsor Dominic Barton from McKinsey & Company at APEX 2018 Leadership Symposium.

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